my custom static site generator


I recently started doing the fast.ai course and one of the research assignments was to start a blog and write about deep learning.

I’m not a fan of blog engines such as wordpress or ghost as I appreciate the simplicty of serving static sites using nginx. There is a lot of open source static site generators available. Hugo is a nice option, which is relatively minimal and easy to use. It does still have some “pain points” for me:

  1. It does still have a lot of features that I do not need.
  2. The theme creation/customization seems too complicated.

After looking at some other options I started to realize that these pain points seem quite niche to me and it’s probably unlikely for me to find something without them. So I started thinking about exactly what I wanted and it felt like something simple enough for me to put together in a relatively short amount of time.


The basic use case is that I would like to write new posts in markdown format and have a command line script that converts them into html pages.

A list of the main requirements are:

  1. Convert a folder of markdown files into html files.
  2. Populate index page consisting of a blog listing section as well as other static content.
  3. CSS styles for common markdown elements, including code syntax highlighting and formatted math notations.




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